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GloveMansion – Satin Gloves

Welcome around guys! How are you today? Are you in a mood to see some fetish stuff around here? You came to the perfect place as we have everything that you might wish for! In this brand new GloveMansion scene we are going to give you the chance of seeing this blonde beauty queen as she is going to play in her room with those satin gloves right before the prom! Are you interested in seeing what happened over there? All you have to do is have a seat and watch!

Everything started when this cutie took a shower and she felt pretty heated up! Later on she took her crown and her sexy lingerie on and she was ready to have some fun! When she felt those satin gloves on her hands she knew what she had to do next! Cause she felt her pink peach so hungry that she had to do something about it! that is why she began squeezing her tits and touching her clit, cause later on she was willing to play with her peach! Next thing we knew she shoved those fingers deep into her pussy and kept fingering herself until she had an intense orgasm! Are you willing to see some more action around here? All you have to do is join our glove mansion community and we are going to give you full access around here! See you around with some more hot babes and some gloves too or check out the site if you wanna see other sexy ladies fingering their wet cunts! Have fun and see you soon!


See this babe fingering herself with her satin gloves on!